Off-Peak & Rebates

Off-Peak & Rebates

Want to save money on your heating bills? Consider our residential off-peak programs. In exchange for a reduced electric rate, you allow CCEC to remotely shut off certain electric loads within your home during times of peak energy demand.

Our most popular program is dual heat. With dual heat, you have electric heat and/or a heat pump running most of the time. When market electricity prices are high, an off-peak device in your home automatically switches you from your electric source to a backup source such as natural gas, propane or fuel oil.

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Off-Peak Incentive Program

In addition to receiving a lower off-peak rate, certain new equipment may be eligible for additional incentives upon enrollment in the off-peak program:

Heating Systems

*$600 max incentive

Plenum heaters, baseboard, electric furnace, hanging heater, cable floor heat, boiler

Off-peak incentive*: $20/kW

Air-source heat pump

Off-peak incentive*: $100/ton

Additional install credit: $150

Ground-source heat pump

Off-peak incentive*: $200/ton

Additional install credit: $150

Note: To be eligible for incentives, all systems must have qualified backup, be new equipment, and be controlled on CCEC’s off-peak program. Credits will be applied to electric bill after visit from CCEC technician.

100+ Gallon Water Heaters

*$500 max incentive. Water heater must be on long-term control.

Electric water heater

Off-peak incentive*: $200

Additional install credit: $150

Additional for new construction

Off-peak incentive*: $100

Additional for conversion from natural gas or propane

Off-peak incentive*: $250

Electric vehicle chargers

We now offer an off-peak rate for electric vehicle charging. In addition, new EV chargers installed on off-peak may qualify for a one-time rebate of $50/kW ($500 max incentive). Must be Level 2 - 240V charger. Must be on direct load control.